Partner program


Ladies and gentlemen,

We invite you to participate in our partner program. Offering our equipment for lease or offering to register domains, you will, without incurring any costs, be able to earn a steady income throughout the period of rendering services sold.

1. Who may earn.

If you are a web studio seeking to place a large-scale project, a dedicated server will be a great solution. High performance and no dependence on other clients on the same server.

If you offer 1C installation services, placing on a rented server will considerably reduce the total cost of your project, which will ensure a competitive advantage in a tendering process.

If you implement other software products that require installation on a server, your projects will be more available with our help and you will be able to get extra income.

If you automate small or medium-sized businesses, this task is much easier to accomplish on the basis of leased servers with leased WindowsServer software, since SPLA license is not attached to organizations, and you will not have to pay extra for the software when changing your legal entity.

If you are a supplier of out-of-the-box solutions and want to deliver your product turnkey-ready, you can now provide a more complete product, offering it with server rent.

2. How you can earn.

You legalize your relationships with clients independently, provide support, perform server maintenance, bill your clients at your own rates, and additionally receive progressive discount from us as follows:

Bronze level (10-25 servers) 5 %
Silver level (26-50 servers) 10 %
Golden level (51-100 servers) 15 %
Platinum level (100+ servers) 20 %

We offer very low prices for domain registration, which no longer allows us to provide any discounts, but you can set your own prices for our services of domain registration.

3. How much you can earn.

Through the open partner program you are free to choose how much you wish to earn on leasing our equipment and domains registration, i.e. we do not restrict you in setting prices. With regular customer acquisition, your monthly income will only increase. Having sold 1,000 domains at 350 rubles each during a year, you’ll earn 262,000 rubles income (taxes excluded), which corresponds to the average monthly income of about 22,000 rubles. And this income will be permanent to you, even if you stop acquiring new customers.

4. Sales Automation

If in your work you use BILLmanager from ISPsystem, then, using our instructions, you can configure the system to automatically set your billing system to automated reselling your services.